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Here’s the Ultimate Date Idea

by Jason

You park in her driveway and nervously approach the front door. After adjusting your collar you ring the bell and try to look cool. Your front pocket holds the key to tonight’s date and you quickly check to make sure they’re still there as the door opens . . .

If you’re a regular guy, the kind who loves sports and hates the opera for instance, then here’s an awesome date idea I bet you’ve never really considered before: taking a woman to a Broadway production, even if you don’t live in New York City.

You can find professional Broadway productions in most major North American cities. If you’re a single guy who wants to stand out from the rest, who really wants to impress a woman without all that much effort or cost, this should be your next date.

Before you roll your eyes, think about it. A play or musical is not the opera. They speak in English and the plots are reasonably easy to follow. They’re like a movie in that there’s lots of down time where you don’t have to talk with each other. Now this may be a bad thing or a good thing. If you’re a nervous sort of fellow, then attending a play will lessen the time you have to struggle through awkward conversation, which takes the pressure off. And what happens if your date is unbelievably boring, droning on and on about her childhood, for example? You’ll be happy that you’re at a play instead of sitting across from her in a quiet restaurant.

But they’re even better than the movies because live theater is considered
more cultured and mature. And I believe that almost any guy will actually
enjoy parts of it, if not all of it. It’s live acting, usually live
music, cool special effects and it does’t last too long. You can usually
buy beer and wine at the theaters, and everyone is formally dressed,
which a lots women love to do. Even if you don’t like dressing up, this
date idea is for the woman, not you. Here are some of the reasons why
taking a woman to a play is such a great date idea:

• It will make you appear cultured
• It’s affordable, often you can get two tickets for under $200
• There are professional Broadway productions showing in most major cities
• You don’t have to talk during the show
• It’s often thought of as a novelty or only for very special occasions
• It’s something different for the both of you
• Your date gets to dress up, maybe she buys a new outfit especially for the date
• You and your date get to show off to all the other “bourgeoisie” theatre-goers
• They usually serve alcohol
• You can find tickets easily online

If you take a date to the theater, you’ll look like a hero. Imagine walking up to the theater with your date on your arm, both of you all dressed up. The theater itself is beautiful and ornate, your seats are large and comfortable, you’re drinking a beer, and the two of you idly chat before the show begins. Pretty cool date, huh?

If you’re single, then having two tickets in hand to a Broadway production is powerful stuff when asking a woman for a date. It would go something like this: “What do you have going on this weekend? I heard that the musical production of Chicago on Broadway was fantastic and I just found out that the show has traveled here and opening night is this weekend. I’ve got tickets, want go with me?”

It’s that easy. If she says “no”, then move on and ask another woman you know. Chances are she’ll say yes, since people usually don’t get invited to the theater.

Many popular Broadway productions travel across the country, setting everything up for a month or two in each city along their tour. Plays like Wicked, Les Miserable, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Rent and Spamalot are showing in cities across North America. From Toronto to Los Angeles, if you live in or near a big city, you’ll certainly have a choice of shows to see.

And I’m not talking about high school productions, amateur nights, or your local actor’s guild productions. I am referring to productions that have professional actors, many of whom are TV and movie actors, world-class sets and stage effects, awesome scores and perfect performances.

Some of the plays you’ll see don’t necessarily have the same cast as the New York City Broadway production, but the actors are still fantastic. If a Broadway play in NYC enjoys huge success and popularity, then there is a good chance it will turn into a production that tours the U.S. or all of North America.

Cities such as Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, Atlanta, Seattle, and Chicago all have a vibrant theater night life. They all have numerous theatre houses and venues and there’s always at least a few plays going on at any given time of year. In almost any city in America, you’re likely to find a major Broadway production going on near you. It’s certainly worth investigating.

So, how do you get tickets to any musical or play anywhere in North America? This is the easiest part of all. Simply go online and search for tickets in your favorite search engine. Even if a show is sold out, you’re still likely to find available tickets online if you’re willing to pay above the face value of the tickets. Try searching for the name of the production you want to see along with the city you want to see it in, such as “Wicked Cleveland” or “Les Miserables Boston tickets” or “Lion King Houston”.

Two other options for obtaining tickets would be to try calling Ticketmaster, or by calling the actual venue in your city where the show is playing. They should have tickets available, but the fastest and easiest way is to buy tickets online, just be sure you can trust the site. Look for seals or icons on the site that denote trustworthiness, such as Thawte, Better Business Bureau member, or Square Trade Merchant. Online ticket sites charge more than face value because you’re paying for the convenience, and often for sold out or premium seating.

Regardless of how you acquire your tickets, just get them. If you are looking for a great date idea that will make you look cultured, mature, in-the-know, and that will set you apart from your competition, find a professional play or musical that’s showing in your city, buy the tickets, and look like a hero.

. . . The front door opens and your date looks stunning, making you all the more happy you’ve got two tickets to a play tonight. The two of you climb into your car and drive to the theater district. After the two of you take your balcony seats and as you each sip wine, your gorgeous date looks at you just before the curtains go up and says, “What a great idea it was to take me to a play, our next date is on me.”

Copyright Jasn OConnor 2006

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