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Rejection – Dealing with It

by Robert
Elias Najemy

One of our most devastating emotional experiences is the loss of a loved
one. I am addressing the loss of loved one to death and through “romantic
rejection” as two separate situations. We will deal with the loss of
a loved one to death in another article

The power which we give to our love partner to determine to such a large
degree our security, happiness and self-worth is largely the result
of our childhood experiences and especially unfinished business with
our parents.

Thus we might need to also work on healing childhood experiences.

Affirmations for overcoming Romantic Rejection

Here is a list of some of the emotions we might feel when someone leaves
us. Below each emotion we present some possible affirmations for getting
free. These lists as always are there to guide you and never to limit
you. There are many other possibilities.

1. Rejection (demeaned, worthless) because he/she does not want to be
with me.

Even though until now I felt rejected (demeaned, worthless) because
(name of person)____ left me, I now feel (realize, experience) my self-worth
as a unique being without him/her.

2. Fear of continuing life without this person.

Even though until now I feared continuing life alone without (name of
person)____ , I now feel (realize, experience) self-confidence and powerfully
capable of dealing with life.

3. Fear (shame) of what others will think about me now that he/she has

Even though until now I feared what others would think because (name
of person)____ left me , I now feel (realize, experience) my self-worth
as a unique being, regardless of what they think.

4. Fear that I will not find anyone else to share my life with.

Even though until now, I feared I would not find anyone else to share
my life with, I now am confident that I deserve and will attract the
perfect being for me.

5. Hurt (pain, unhappiness, loneliness) of not having this person to
hold, share, make love to, communicate with, etc.

Even though until now I felt I hurt (pain, unhappiness, loneliness)
because I do not have (name of person)____ to hold (share, make love
to communicate with etc. – be specific), I now experience the fullness
of my being and of my life and lovingly connect with those around me.

6. Injustice (bitterness, resentment, betrayal) that he/she is unjustly
harming, betraying, hurting us in this way.

Even though until now I felt Injustice (bitterness, resentment, betrayal)
because (name of person)____ has behaved unjustly, I now have faith
in the wisdom of what life gives me for my growth process.

7. Guilt (self-rejection) because I feel that I am to blame for his/her

Even though until now I felt guilt (self-rejection) because (name of
person)____ left me, I now forgive and love myself, realizing that I
have done and will do my best.

8. Jealousy if (because) he/she is with someone else

Even though until now I felt jealous because (name of person)____ is
with someone else, I now feel the fullness of my being trust that life
gives me exactly what I need for my growth process (self-actualization).

9. Anger (hate, revenge) because he/she has caused now so much pain.

Even though until now I felt anger (hate, revenge) because (name of
person)____ left me (is with someone else), I now realize that I am
perfectly capable of being happy and fulfilled without him/her.

10. Depression (disillusionment, discouragement) that I cannot have
what I want and cannot do anything about it.

Even though until now I felt depressed (disillusioned, discouraged)
because I could not be with (name of person)____ , I now realize (feel,
experience) that I have the power to create the life I want.

It should not take long to work through all of the above. The pain which
often takes months, and for some people, years, can be removed in a
week or less. We help no one by feeling all these emotions.

Better to get on with our lives.

Robert E. Najemy, author of 25 books and life coach with 30 years of
experience, has trained over 300 life coaches and now does so over the
Internet. Become a life coach. Over 600 free article and lectures at