Adult Dating And Personals – A guide to finding your true love through online dating and online personal sites. Dating tips and highlights on Christian and Jewish dating sites.

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Online dating
is very popular these days but a lot of online dating and
personal sites are full of teenagers looking for a bit of
fun. Adult Dating and Personals is dedicated to helping adults
that want to use online dating to find a proper adult relationship.
Adult dating tips and dating success stories are featured
to show true love can be found online.
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Sam and Rebecca

Dating Success Story – Sam and Rebecca

Sam and Rebecca were both
Jewish singles that were going to college in an area that didn’t have
many Jewish people. They lived within 50 miles of each other but had,
of course, never met. Instead, they were more or less alone in a world
where they could date but not seriously. They both had good friend that
weren’t Jewish but they knew deep down that when they got involved with
a serious relationship they wanted their partner to be Jewish.

They both stumbled upon a Jewish
dating site called

. Neither of them knew Jewish dating sites even existed and decided
to created a profile for themselves on
Sam was the first of the pair to place his profile on the Jewish dating
site and he waited a whole two weeks before Rebecca found the Jewish
dating site and created her own profile.

One night after work Sam was
searching through the Jewish dating personals on

and found the profile that Rebecca had created. He saw that they had
a lot in common and only lived a short distance from each other and
decided to send Rebecca a message. Rebecca found his picture rather
attractive and decided to accept Sam’s offer to go out on a date.

That one date that came from
them placing ads on the Jewish dating site

turned into the start of a true romance. They instantly felt a connection
that went beyond their shared Jewish religion and it became impossible
to separate the pair. Not long after they met on the Jewish dating site,
Sam had transferred to Rebecca’s college and they became engaged. They
finished school and got married the next year.