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the Science of Flirting

by Wyatt

The most common way for us human beings to find out whether a member of the opposite sex is interested in you, is by using a technique called flirting. Now, let’s face it. We all know what is flirting. But what is the science behind this technique? In this dating tip guide, I will give you a better understanding of the science of flirting by using a scenario as illustration purposes.

The scene : In a Dance Club.
Starring : A lonely woman, and a man on the prowl.

Scene 1 : The Man spots the woman

The man on the prowl spots the lonely woman, sitting alone at the bar counter. The woman is wearing a very sexy outfit, showing off all her assets. The man gets so attracted by his prey. Driven by instincts, the man takes action by approaching the woman.

This is a normal reaction of all normal men. Any normal man will get visually turned-on by a hot-looking woman. Unless, of course, the man is from outer space. Then that’s a different story altogether.

Scene 2 : Man Approaches Woman

The man walks up to the woman to initiate a contact. They move closer together. They are now in close physical proximity with each other. The man starts to look for some positive signs from the woman.

Scene 3 : Signs of approval

The man makes eye contact with the woman, and smiles at her. The woman reciprocates in kind. She makes eye contact, returns a smile, plays with her hair, arch her chest forward, crosses her sexy legs, with her feet pointing at the man’s direction. The man acknowledges all these positive signs. Game on. It is now time to talk business.

However, if the woman shows negativity towards the man, then the man will back-off. No point going on further.

Scene 4 : Time to talk

The man engages his sexy prey in a light verbal exchange. He stayed away from personal or suggestive topics, as these will scare away his woman. He is biding his time. He touches on lesser topics, like the latest Hollywood gossip, or the current affairs.

Fair play to the man. He got it right so far. After all, this is not supposed to be an interrogation, neither is this the time to talk about how many stars are there in our solar system. The man is just using this chance to continue building up some rapport with his woman.

Tip for the man – Give light compliments, like :” Honey, you look really great tonight” or ask something like “What’s that drink your are having?”. These promptings should keep the conversation going.

On to the next scene.

Scene 5 : Body Language

After some time with the conversations, both the man and the woman begin to gradually become associated with each other physically. They are slowly turning their bodies towards one another till a point where they are fully facing each other. This is important. If the woman is not even facing the man, then the game is up.

Here, the woman continues to show interest by facing the man fully. The man read this positive body language, and move on to the next step of flirting.

Scene 6 : The Delicate Touch

At this stage of the development, both the man and the woman are now making real physical contact. But in this case, it is the woman who will initiate all the physical contacts in a mild manner. She may laugh heartily at his jokes, and touching his forearm or knee cap at the same time. She may ask to see his watch, holding onto his hand longer than usual. Their hands may brush against each other “accidentally” while reaching out for the bill.

These constant exchanges of delicate touches will soon lead to casual affections more associated with lovers. When both the man and the woman reach this stage of flirting, then most likely they will end up as a couple.

End of scenario.

So as you can see, to understand the science of flirting is not difficult at all. Just remember that first impression counts, so if you get the initial contact right – and you usually only have that one chance to make that first impression – then you should be on the way to success in the flirting game.

Wyatt Lee has a passion for writing, and he writes extensively on the subject of dating and romance. Do you like the above article? For more of such articles, and more useful dating tips, please visit his Dating Tip blog.