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Online dating
is very popular these days but a lot of online dating and
personal sites are full of teenagers looking for a bit of
fun. Adult Dating and Personals is dedicated to helping adults
that want to use online dating to find a proper adult relationship.
Adult dating tips and dating success stories are featured
to show true love can be found online.
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Steph and Jason with baby Jessica

Christian Dating Success Story – Steph and Jason


Steph and Jason have both been
life long Christians. They have close friends from a wide variety of
backgrounds but when it came to finding a partner for life it was important
to both of them that their partner shared their Christian values. Neither
of them were complete strangers to dating but they were finding it increasingly
difficult to find a Christian partner to date that also shared their
other interests and life goals.

Steph had just graduated from
college and was starting her teaching career. Ever since starting to
teach she really didn’t have much time for anything but work and going
to church. So, dating, even Christian dating, had been pushed to the
side. Then one day at church picnic a friend told her about a Christian
dating site called
Steph used the internet now and then but mostly just for work. However,
she was starting to get lonely and decided to give the Christian dating
site a chance.

The next Sunday, after Church,
she went online and brought up the
Christian dating site. She looked
around the personal ads on the Christian dating site and nervously created
her own Christian dating profile.

At that time Jason was becoming
well established in his architecture career. but was also feeling his
work at over taken his private life. Just like Steph, Jason was looking
for a Christian partner. He had been a member of Christian Cafe for
less than a week when he happened upon Steph’s Christian dating profile.
He liked what her profile said and saw that they were both living in
the same part of the State. So, he swallowed his own nerves and replied
to Steph’s Christian dating profile.

A few days later Steph responded
to his message on the Christian dating site and from there a romance
bloomed. They took things slowly but within a year of meeting each other
on the Christian dating site they were engaged and six months after
becoming engaged they were walking down the aisle of their church. What
is even more special is that a year after getting married Steph became
pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Jessica.

All of that happiness came
from joining a Christian dating site. If you are also looking for Christian
dating than you would be wise to join
and find the Christian dating partner of your dreams.